Billet A Tiger

Campbellton Tigers Billet Program

When a young man becomes a member of the Campbellton Tigers Hockey Club, he does not live on his own. Each player is placed with a billet family from the community and spends the entire hockey season with them.

Billet parents are called upon to provide more than simply a bed to sleep in. They are expected to provide a home away from home, including the provision of nutritional family-type meals and other supports when required. But, above all else, they are to ensure the player feels at home and a part of their family.

In order pursue the dream of playing hockey, at some point they will have to leave their families and homes. This can be a stressful and difficult change for a young man and his family.

The Campbellton Tigers Billet Program assures this transition will be a smooth one for both the athlete and his family. Keeping a player in a family environment maintains a sense of home and enables him to focus on his hockey and academics. Billet families play an essential role in the Campbellton Tigers success.

Players wanting to achieve their hockey dreams often move from towns and cities across Canada. Part of playing for the Campbellton Tigers requires the player to move to the area to pursue their hockey career. For many players, the Junior A route is their stepping stone to climb up the ladder to major junior, university, AHL, European hockey, and even the NHL. The role billets play in this success is remarkable.

Billet families help with the transition between the player, a new team, and the community. Providing a secure, stable, and supportive home environment allows the player to focus on hockey, and their education.

What does the team need?

The 2020-21 hockey season will be the 25th full season for the Campbellton Tigers organization. There are a number of opportunities for billeting. Sometimes we require short term involvement for training and preseason camps with duration of about one or two months. We also need billets for the season. Some billets have hosted two or more players at a time over the course of one or two seasons.

Billets can be two parent families, single people, or single parent families

Billet responsibilities:
• Provide a private room for the player with a bed, dresser, and closet space.
• Provide nutritious meals and snacks.
• Laundry. To be determined between the billet and player.
• Provide supportive communication and a family like atmosphere.
• Helping the player feel that this is their home away from home.
• Any concerns regarding the player should be directed to the President/Head Coach/GM.

Player responsibilities:

Players have the responsibility of treating your home with respect and obeying any house rules. There is also player expectations set by the team.

Players are expected to maintain their own rooms, keeping it clean and tidy. On occasion the player(s) may have to cook their own meals when the billet family is away.

Benefits for Billets:

In addition to receiving season tickets, Tigers billets also receive a monthly stipend.
We have Team BBQ’s, Christmas Suppers, Pot Lucks and Billet Appreciation Night, which you are invited to.

Billeting enables you to be part of the hockey community. A wonderful family experience that creates friends for a lifetime and a chance to support a young athlete in their quest to fulfill their dreams.

To become a billet or if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Tigers Organization at