Tigers Auction A Success

Our Tigers Auction was a resounding success! Thank you to all the businesses and individuals who were so generous in donating and bidding on auction items. Without their support it would not be possible to provide such a high caliber hockey program with a huge focus on education both at the high school and post-secondary levels. Funds from this event ensure that we can offer those educational opportunities for our players.

Thanks to the organizing committee which included Ken Day, Jack Bujold, Ron Vye, Greg Leland, Pierre Girard, Natalie White, Gracie Firth and Michael O’Toole for the many hours of planning for this event.

A word of thanks must also go out to the Civic Center staff and John Leblanc for organizing the Convention Center, to Gerry Duguay for our entertainment, to Smoke on the Water for the food and to our auctioneer for this evening Brad Mann.

During the auction the Campbellton Junior A Tiger players circulated around the room, greeting patrons and serving food. These fine young men play for you, for the community and for the logo on the front their jerseys! The auction attendees showed their appreciation by giving them, their coaching staff and their support staff a huge round of applause.