Season tickets will include 20 regular season games and 4 exhibition games for a total of 24 games. When purchasing your tickets, you will not be able to select your seats right away. We will be using the first exhibition game as a trial run. Members of Public Health will be present at the game to work with us and help us identify any potential changes. This will help us identify if changes are needed.

Our world sure looks different since last March. Our hockey season will also look different and we are asking all of you for your cooperation and to be patient as we adapt to this ever-evolving world.  There will also be new policies and modifications at the Civic Centre to provide a safe environment for our players, staff, and fans such as yourself.

Building capacity has been reduced to roughly 30-percent. This will require seat location changes for most of our Season Ticket Members.

We anticipate during this transition, that you may have questions, and that we will be busy trying to answer them. As a result, it may be challenging to reach out to us. Should you have any questions, we encourage you to connect with us by message on Facebook and we’ll follow-up with you as soon as we can.


We have outlined the rules and regulations put in place to follow Public Health’s guidelines with COVID 19.

  • Mask has to be worn when entering the building to go buy your tickets
  • Mask has to be worn, game night, until you are sitting in your seat. You will be able to remove your mask once you get to your seat as long as you keep a 2 meter social distancing from others
  • When getting up from your seat to use the washroom, please put your mask back on. Same apply at the end of the game until you have left the building
  • It is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in the bubble format (4-5-6-7, etc..). If you have friends/family going to the game, you can purchase your tickets with them and form a bubble. 2 meters will have to be respected between your bubble and other bubbles.
  • All aisle seats will be unavailable.
  • Everyone will have to enter the building through the main doors at the front of the building (lobby area in front of ticket office). No other doors will be used to enter the building. We are asking that you keep social distancing, enter the building and go straight to your seats.
  • Movement in the building will follow directional signs
  • All aisle seats will be unavailable.
  • No one will be allowed to stand or gather to chat on the walking track/concourse or any other areas
  • Doors of the Civic Center will only be open 10 minutes prior to the start of the warm-up. (7 O’clock game time means warm up is at 6:30, therefore, doors will open at 6:20. Please do not show up any earlier, no one will be allowed to enter the building before then)
  • All tickets will have to be purchased in advance. Ticket office will be closed 1.5 hours prior to game start
  • All tickets must be purchased at the ticket office directly. We will not be selling tickets online
  • When purchasing your tickets, you will be asked to provide the names and contact information for everyone you are purchasing tickets for. This is to follow COVID 19 contact tracing guidelines
  • Civic Center staff have installed hand sanitizer stations throughout the building, please use them accordingly


We know this will not be easy for anyone.

These rules and regulations are put in place for the safety of our players, staff, Civic Center employees, opposing team and YOU, our fans.

There will be some adjustments throughout the year so please be patient with us.

We hope to see you at the rink!

As you can understand, ticket revenue accounts for a large percentage of our revenue, and this season we are operating at significantly reduced capacity and as such there is a small adjustment in price:


Season Pass Price / Regular / Exhibition /
price game game game
Adult $250 $9.62 $15 $10
Senior ( 55+) $180 $6.92 $10 $7
Student $180 $6.92 $10 $7
Youth (-12) $120 $4.62 $7 $5
Family $625 $24.04
All prices include tax
Season pass include exhibition games